Children’s Dentistry

At Seacrest Dental, we provide the same exceptional care for children as we do for adults. In fact, our dental team loves treating young smiles. Not only do we understand the unique clinical needs that children encounter with their oral health, but we are also equipped to address their emotional ones as well. Going to the dentist as a child should be a fun and rewarding experience, as this helps to foster a healthy and confident smile as they grow older.

You’ll find that our dentists go out of their way to establish trust with your child and reduce their anxiety at every step of their visit. Our dental office is equipped with the comforts of home. With a relaxing atmosphere, TV entertainment, children’s play area and a friendly staff, we hope to create a place that your child looks forward to coming to.

We Love Your Kids!

A primary goal in our pediatric dental care is helping children understand the importance of dental health. While we do a meticulous job of cleaning your child’s teeth and taking necessary x-rays, our dentists also allow time to educate kids on how to take care for their smile. Whether we are explaining an upcoming procedure or simply telling your child how to brush, our staff always uses kid-friendly, non-threatening language to communicate with your child.

Our dentists are qualified to perform routine preventative care, including fluoride treatments and sealants, as well as restore teeth that have suffered damage. To learn more about our excellent approach to children’s dental care, please contact our office today. We can treat your entire family in one place!

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