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Damaged or discolored teeth are never good for a person’s self-confidence. Smiling during photos or in social situations can cause feelings of anxiety. In some professions, how your smile looks can also have an impact on how well you progress in your career. We do not believe that our patients should feel awkward in social situations or miss out on job opportunities due to dental issues.

Unfortunately, we speak to patients every day who have faced numerous challenges in life because of damage to their teeth. Many of these patients believed that their teeth could not be restored. However, for the majority of these patients, teeth whitening or veneers were the answer. Another misconception that patients sometimes have is that teeth whitening and veneers are time-intensive dental treatments. To the contrary, both treatments are carried out quickly and effectively.

Seacrest Dental offers two main options for teeth whitening to patients in Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Destin and the surrounding communities. We can conduct in-office whitening, which involves cleaning the teeth and applying the whitening agent. Our team will then do a shade comparison check so you can see the improvements in real time. For those patients who can’t make the time to come into the office, we can also provide whitening kits to take home.

In the past, veneers were considered a luxury cosmetic dentistry option. However, things have changed and veneers are now an affordable option for everyone. The amount of time needed to have veneers placed will depend on the number of teeth being treated. The treatment involves attaching a thin film of porcelain to the tooth. With veneers, we are able to fix small cosmetic problems with your teeth, or completely change the shape of your smile.

If you would like to know which of these great cosmetic treatments would work best for you, contact the offices of Seacrest Dental. You will get to discuss options with a friendly consultant, and then we can book your appointment for treatment.

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